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lat·i·tude /ˈladəˌt(y)o͞od/

scope for freedom of action or thought

What would it mean to have true freedom of thought and action in your life? When you remove the usual barriers and limiting beliefs, what might be possible? What is your life purpose? What is the pain you are wanting to resolve? Where do you feel at an impasse? Or what might you like to think differently about?

In a co-creative coaching process, you explore what you want to be different in your life, design what aligns with the true “you,” all while benefiting from support and processes to help hold you accountable.

What does your most expansive and evolved self look like? What would you like to know or do differently? What are the significant problems or pains you are trying to resolve? Or if you work with an organization, how might your team be stronger? Perhaps you are looking for executive coaching, leadership retreat design or facilitation, strategic planning, board development/governance support, or some operational consultation.

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