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Co-Active Coaching®—unlike other kinds of life or executive coaching—begins by holding all individuals as naturally creative, resourceful and whole. This means we are all capable of finding answers to whatever challenges we face. The job of a Co-Active Coach® is therefore to ask powerful questions, to listen, and empower to bring out the skills and creativity an individual already possesses. The goal is not to instruct or advise, but rather to help you find the latitude of freedom of thoughts and action. Co-Active Coaching can help anyone who is interested in:

  • Thinking about life, personal, or work challenges in new and undiscovered ways

  • Becoming unstuck in an area where you might feel unable to move forward

  • Tackling a new challenge or transition

  • Developing clarity about a vision, values, or life purpose

  • Navigating through a challenging time

  • Moving to the next level in your life

This work can inspire you to feel more engaged and passionate about your life and work, help you to become more curious and visionary, to feel more alive, connect deeply to others, and give real meaning to every day.

Coaching is tailored to your needs—as the process is always driven by the coachee rather than the coach.

Coaching can also help teams be more effective. In a recent study, coaching activities (e.g., one-on-one coaching, team coaching and work group coaching with a professional coach) were rated as the most helpful in achieving the goals of change management initiatives. Organizations with strong coaching cultures were also found to have better talent and business outcomes*.

Interested in learning more about Co-Active Coaching and/or scheduling a complimentary sample session? Contact Kellie at, 603-660-4866, or complete the Contact form.

*Building a Coaching Culture for Change Management, 2018.